I knew McArthur products were good, I just didn't know HOW good until a recent experience. We bought 4"x4" posts from McArthur 33 years ago that are still sustaining our deck today. In fact, we drilled 2" holes in the posts for our rope railing without any issues...and still there are less cracks in these posts that are 33 years old than posts we have had for only 2 months. Also, the treated round posts purchased 33 years ago for our vertical retaining wall are still holding strong. Lastly, we were able to take our 'Sunwood' fence pickets and rails, installed 33 years ago as well, and move the paneling to a friends property for use on their farm. I was just so impressed with all of this, the superior quality of the lumber, the value, and the fact that the fencing outlived it's warranty and can still be reused years later. Kudo's McArthur Lumber and Post!




Treva Jenkins, McArthur Customer and Landscape Contractor,

"McArthur helped me get this job done fast and got me exactly what I needed!"

Alan Rucker is South East Ohio's O.O. McIntyre Park Manager and long-time McArthur Lumber and Post customer.

“I started in 1992 and stumbled upon McArthur when I was looking for local places to purchase lumber for the park. I have kept ordering over the years because McArthur can get me products other places can’t.”

Recently, Alan began a project to replace the railroad bridges in the park area, for this he needed lumber cut to precise measurements.

“I needed measurements that were right on the money!  Rick called and found all of the products I needed for the job, other companies sent us lumber that was cut in to different widths, but after talking with Rick the job went really smoothly.”

“McArthur called me after the order to follow-up to be sure I was satisfied with their products. Most businesses wash their hands of me after I order from them, but not McArthur, and that really makes a difference. McArthur really took care of us and showed real interest in making sure we were happy.  Rick even offered to drive down and look at the work himself, just to see how it turned out. I would definitely say if you want great service and products go here, I haven’t been disappointed!”


Alan Rucker O.O. McIntyre Park,

“It's been 37 years and most of these are still in perfect condition!”

Jim Frampton of Youngstown, Ohio recently returned to McArthur Lumber and Post to purchase replacement half-rounds.

Jim returned to McArthur because 37 years ago, in 1977 he was referred to McArthur by a friend who ran a Pole Building Company in Hubbard, Ohio.


His original purchase was a few bundles of McArthur's creosote 7 foot posts and boards. These posts according to Jim have withstood 37 years in his horse pastures.

“It's been 37 years and most of these are still in perfect condition! I only need to replace a few posts, and it isn't even due to the fault of the post, its due to the posts being hit repeatedly by a weed whacker over the years.”


Jim pulled up some of his original posts, and noted that the bottom of the posts, the section buried in the ground was still in great condition after almost 4 decades.


“ Even the bottoms still look brand new. That's why I came  from Youngstown. The boards look great too.”

Jim Frampton, Youngstown,
I don't know why any young farmer would choose not to use these posts.”

Bob Graham of Pomeroy, Ohio has been a McArthur Lumber and Post customer for three decades and counting. He purchased his first load of McArthur posts in the mid-1980s. During his first visit to McArthur 30 years ago, Bob could get 300 or so posts hauled away on a flatbed for $250.

Bob decided to try treated posts after bad experiences with locust posts. At the time, locust was frequently used for farm fence posts. When Bob made the switch to treated posts there was no mention of how long the posts might last.IMG_1785

“Locust does not last; the locust posts on my farm began rotting after about 15 years. I chose McArthur all those years ago because they were the only place around that carried treated fence posts, and at the time there wasnt much mention of longevity in posts, so I thought it would be a wise idea to try it out.”

During its early years Bob's 137 acre farm housed 30 head of cattle and he drove his posts by hand, on multiple fields IMG_1787surrounding his property. As things progressed and his farm grew, when he began using a post-driver he had no issue from McArthur posts.

“Never had a new post from McArthur crack or split open when driven into the ground by a post-driver. Not one. When I wanted to move my fences I even pulled out older, used posts, flipped them, and pounded them into different spots with no trouble, that’s how strong they are.”

“When you look at the tops of these 29-year-old posts you don’t see any splits in the wood, the color is great, and they are still sturdy as the first day I bought them. I'm 70 years old and these posts have lasted almost 30 years, I cant say how much longer they will last, they will probably out live me.”

IMG_1793Bob never bought another locust post after he discovered McArthurs treated posts. He has many memories of driving these posts around his pastures and farmland with help from his family and neighbors. He has used McArthur posts with electric fencing, woven-wire fencing, and in combination with t-posts.

“I don't know why any young farmer choose not to use these posts. They're great, just great, that's all I can say. Choosing these posts is smart, it saved me a lot of labor and money. I could reuse old posts even if they had been in the ground for awhile, all I did was pull them, and re-drive them, no issues what so ever.”



Thank you Bob, for giving me a tour and history of your beautiful farm, were proud to have you as a customer! ,