Tornado Titan 949-12 12.5g Field Fence


Tornado’s Titan 949-12 12.5g is a high tensile fence. It features solid vertical wires for increased net strength making it ideally suited for containing powerful livestock such cattle as well as goats and sheep.


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The 12” spacing between horizontal wires makes it a lower cost option than 6” or 9” spacing alternatives, as well as helping to prevent animals from getting their heads stuck in the fence.

The Titan fixed knot is extremely strong and durable and helps to create a highly visible barrier. This fence provides an additional line wire and an extra 7” in height to the 842-12 specification, making it an ideal solution where a taller net is required.

Tornado Titan Fence is manufactured with high tensile wire which strains tighter than low carbon steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts, making it quicker to erect. It does not stretch with weathering, avoiding the need to annually re-tighten the fence.

Additional information

Roll length


No. of horizontal line wires


Roll height


Distance between vertical wires


Top & bottom line wire specification

12.5g – 179 – 201 ksi

Intermediate horizontal line wire specification

12.5g – 179 – 201 ksi

Vertical stay wire specification

12.5g – 100 – 123 ksi

Material composition

Class 3 heavily galvanised steel wire

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